Epic Smiley Grunge


What to do when you’re bored? Make a wallpaper. Easy.


Abstract Wireframe

Check out these new wallpapers I made for myself.  It’s an improvement since the last backgrounds I made, back in 2011/2012, but there’s always room for more improvement! 😀

Anyway, I felt like I should share the wallpapers .

I Don't Care [ 2 ][Abstract Wireframe] I Don't Care [Abstract Wireframe]

I did them by following a tutorial I randomly found on the Internet.

I’ll try to post some more wallpapers as soon as possible. 😀

New Youtube and Blog Background

Just finished my complete remake of the trinity: Twitter, Youtube and Blog.


I made a brand new youtube background for my channel with the HL2 zombie still in it, and added a nice background for the blog, check it out. They were also added to my deviantart portfolio, which is becoming more and more complete. Just need to get the time to upload everything on my PC to both blog and deviantart portfolio.



New Signature (SmallStuff)

I recently made a new signature for a minecraft forum and needed to upload it to the net, (to past the URL on my forum signature), so… Instead of leaving it on my Media Folder of the blog, I decided to show it:SigHere are some other stuff I made earlier:

A Twitch Overlay for Am3nd01m

A Twitch Overlay for Am3nd01m

First Gifs made with Photoshop

First Gifs made with Photoshop